Monday, April 7, 2014

Cougar Mountain Half Marathon Training Run

With Terrapin Mountain out of the way and the Squawk Mountain 50k on Saturday, I decided to try out the course for a race I’ll be doing in May.  Cougar Mountain quickly became my favorite place to run after moving to this area, but I never remember my camera.  This Monday turned out to be about 60-70 degrees and I couldn’t resist going out for a slow and hilly run with my camera in hand.  The goal was to go at an easy 50k pace and take as many pictures as possible.
The race course is posted on and has all the needed directions, so getting lost wasn’t an issue.  It consists of an easy five mile loop with one uphill, then eight miles of serious climbs and gorgeous views.  All in all it took about three hours with my easy pace, climbing, and picture taking.  Speaking of which, pictures!

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